March 7th, 2014


Worries again...

I didn't want to mention it here, because I wanted to keep it a place full of positivity for me for at least a while, but sometimes, well sometimes it's hard not to talk about certain things.
Janosch is very ill again, very ill...and I'm afraid he won't be here with us for much longer. It's so strange...old Lucy with her huge tumour next to her eye (which often bleeds, because she of course loves to scratch it and I don't want to put a collar on the old lady) is hanging on and hanging on...we never expected that and now Jan seems to give up. He has severe pancreas and liver problems...probably cancer (I don't want him to undergo more diagnostics). So one year after Mairi another one (or two...with Lucy you never know) will leave us...soon I'll be left with two cats, who don't like each other :(. Ok, Jan had his health crises in the past, but this one is different...much more severe. It breaks my heart to see my old boy suffer...if he doesn't start to eat again by Monday then it's time to let him pass away. I won't let him suffer for too long. I had my share of a pet suffering a slow death last week...there was a woman who isn't able to say goodbye to her dog. The dog is 16 years old and has a deformed looks like a naked embryo...just laying on his side (with pressure ulcera) ...she feeds it and that's it...the dog can't move anymore. It's just kept alive by its instinct to eat (or probably the woman forces the food into the dog). But the women insists on keeping the dog, even though the official vet ordered her to let it be put to sleep. So horrible to watch that dog suffer and it IS suffering, because this isn't a dog's life anymore.

What a horrible week...
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