I'm at a lack of words at the moment...just because my life is exhausting AND boring at the same time...lol. So I thought I'm going to share maybe some (boring) daily life photos with you over the next weeks or so... instead of going on hiatus. Don't worry I'm still here, it's just that I haven't that much to say at the moment. Of course I'm still reading your entries!

Let's start with some more pics of my foster cat today. I finally called her Maja and it suits her so well...

So serious;)

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I'm just a girl...

Today one of our clients came in with a HUGE bag full of...bags!! Handbags and purses to be precise. She works in a shop selling handbags and brought us the ones they can't sell anymore because of some minor damages. I took 2 bags (for 80 and 60 Euro) and one purse (32 Euro) home. What a bargain, lol. Ok, the bags aren't really my style and they aren't the most beautiful ones, but WTF...it was a gift ;). Actually the brown patchwork-leather-bag isn't that bad and I think I'm going to use it. The grey one is another story...it's quite posh and reminds me of Paris Hilton, hahaha...

Nasty us left the orange and the grassgreen bag for Christina and Alex ;)...
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Jan. 22nd 1945

My dad and me did some research on the airplane, which crashed on our house on Jan.22nd 1945.

It's scary, we even found a photo of the crew. They all died during the crash.

Fortunately my family was in a bunker when it happened. My dad was 3 months old back then...



Such young boys...ohmy...:


Ooops, she did it again...

I did a minor friends' cut. Just some people, whose ljs seem to be abandoned or who didn't like to interact at all during the last months...so no drama, no harm and so on.
Please just remove me from your friendslists too. Thank you!

This entry isn't locked...so if you worrying...if you can see my last entry 'Servus, Gruezi and Hallo' then you're in;). And believe me, most of you are!!

'Barn Find'

Isn't it autumn already or at least carnival season??

Look what I found...

...and no I haven't been to Oxfam today...

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